‘These times are hard, but they will pass,’ goes the song.

Let’s see how one of our own battlers is doing, and how we can take care of ourselves during this season of limbo.

Raine and Horne principal Nic Stearman has a positive spin for locals about the challenges she faces with her small business in Gulgong.

Although less foot traffic in the area has caused a marked slowdown in sales, the real estate firm has actually continued to gain lots of enquiries for sales properties.

Nic said property values are holding strong, but without that ability for people to travel to view homes, it has made the process hard.

“We anticipate this to be temporary. As soon as restrictions are lifted, there's no reason why we shouldn't see another surge in buyers looking to Gulgong and surrounds for a little piece of rural serenity,” Nic said. “On a positive note, this is offering opportunities for local people to buy homes without the competition from tree changers.”

Nic also recommended anyone wishing to sell properties in the area that now, as the market is still relatively hot, is a good time to start working towards it. “It's a good idea to get your property looking good, listed online and ready to go when restrictions are lifted, and the flood gates open,” she said.

Nic also had some personal good news to share, she has just welcomed 14 new born babies into the world - yikes, wonder if they keep her up at night?

Two bouncy and curious young cow calves have been added to her farm, along with 12 young lambs. “It's so nice to have animals thriving on the property again after the drought,” she said.

So as life flourishes in its winsome way in the Mudgee area, let’s remind ourselves of some ways to make us more resilient.

Getting plenty of sleep is paramount to this, as not enough of it can affect your mood and health, according to Healthline. They also say to be more on the front foot in combating stress: some self examination is recommended in order to identify causes, and then think about how you can remove that, or handle it more effectively. Set limits, so don’t always say yes to requests, and eat food that nourishes you. GPs recommend we get at least three 20-minute sessions of moderate-intensity exercise per week. And why not boost your cognitive skills through reading, or learning something new - perhaps the ukulele? Having companionship with loved ones is great, but branching out and making new connections can also be rewarding. Lastly, if you or someone you know is struggling, seeing a mental health professional, and working through these issues can help you see significant recovery in this area, according to Healthline.

Practising these things can prepare us for good times ahead, and as diamonds appear after being under enormous stress and pressure, who says we can’t?

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