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The increasing state case numbers, mask mandates and fresh new restrictions on repeat gets a bit dull after 10 weeks of it on our tellies, is there any good news?

In the detail there is - let’s have a look at some positive news about the Delta strain.

Deakin University Chair of Epidemiology Catherine Bennett told Sky News Australia that despite the high number of cases, the actual reproductive rates of the Delta strand in each person has been low in Australia.

“At the end of the day as our case numbers have kept climbing, they are controlled,” she said late last month. “We are looking at this reproduction number, and the average number (of people) that every person infects has been about 1.3.”

She went on to give an example of ten people being infected, which can cause, on average, another 13 to be infected from them, and so on.

“That’s compared to double, or triple, 20 or 30 every four or five days, if we didn't have this under control - so this is a very controlled situation,” she said.

She also said there were three things at play in controlling the outbreak: the lockdown restrictions, the test, trace and isolating measures and the recent acceleration of the vaccination rate.

“So we are in a critical point here, and hearing about the vaccination rates has been fantastic, because that’s going to help to come into the mix more, and help control that reproduction number.”

So in a nutshell, the reproductive rate of the disease appears to be way slower than what it could be, and coupled with the high vaccination rates across the state, it could be the way out of lockdowns.

Late last month the ABC reported that the NSW vaccine rate had risen to rank amongst the fastest rates in the world. The nation has been recording a daily rate as high as around 300,000 vaccinations administered in the month of August.

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