Quick quiz: Which would upset you more?
A: a home power failure, or
B: a brownie baking failure

Luckily for us we have an energetic, hardworking Mudgee resident who ceaselessly delivers power, and brownies - locally and beyond.

When she’s not driving a coal train up North to power households across the nation, businesswoman Taylah O’Brien is transporting brownies, and other tasty goods to the Mudgee area.

And which hot commodity does she prefer? Brownies, of course!

So if you’re looking for a custom-made gift for someone who happens to have a thing for brownies, vodka cruisers and iced vovos, Taylah can create an attractive box with exactly that.

Her business, Taylah Made Platters & Co make, source locally and deliver great tasting sweet and savoury treats in boxes, which can come complete with floral touches - locally provided by Mudgee florist.

It’s been a two year venture for her, where she has provided treats like: donuts, lollies, cheese, deli meats, fresh fruit, wine bottles, fresh bread, the list goes on.

One of her signature touches are the bold grazing tables, chockablock with colour and creativity - designed to get a few ‘wows’ from onlookers.

Taylah said it is a locally focused business: she sources her cup cakes and donuts from Cake and Dessert Co in Mudgee’s city centre, and fudge from, where else, from the Mudgee Fudge Co.

But her brownies are a homespun treat.

“A typical day would be making brownies, sourcing bulk peanut butter and Nutella treats, and making a lot of mess and fun,” she told the Mudgee Phoenix.

In fact, Taylah said she wants out of the uncertainty of crazy work hours she works as a coal train driver, and wants to expand her business - even beyond Mudgee.

“I’m looking to increase the business, and get new partners,” she said. “I want to expand with catering, doing girls’ nights, and take our grazing tables further.”

Next on the agenda for Taylah is including gluten and dairy free options, setting up an official website, and expanding delivery options. For now, Taylah Made Platters & Co can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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