‘Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body’.

According to Healthline, reading involves a complex network of brain signals and circuits, so as our reading abilities mature, these networks strengthen and become more sophisticated.

And what better way to boost these super grids in your head than by immersing yourself at the annual Mudgee Readers’ Festival next month.

Running across multiple locations in Mudgee, the schedule takes you from the town hall, to the Mudgee Brewing Company, the Book Nest store, and to Roth’s Wine Bar, among other sites.

Festival general manager Portia Lindsay said funding from the Mid-Western Regional Youth Council, and Create NSW, have been essential to keeping the festival on track, more engaging, and more accessible.

“We have also had a lot of local support from business owners that have helped keep ticket prices low,” she said. “And the Festival would not be possible without the support of our wonderful local library.”

The festival started ten years ago, as a small event, by local, keen readers, who shared a love of books, and has grown to the annual affair it is today.

“We usually get about 800 people turning up, but it’s difficult to say at the moment with Covid,” Portia said. “We like to have something for everyone, it’s an interactive event, where people can engage and contribute.”

The Young Readers’ Festival kicks things off the week before, as a prologue, with fun literature creature trivia, followed by a squeaky story time with Maisy Mouse the next day, for the latter ones.

Then the rest of the festival will present a smorgasbord of themes and activities, such as science, gardening, local stories, fun quizzes, poetry, and chats with some top-notch authors.

Australian international best-selling author Nikki Gemmell will discuss her new gothic-themed novel set in the 1800s. And noted adventurer Beau Miles is set to talk up his backyard exploits over burgers and wine.

So with such a range of interest-triggering events, let’s go and see what it’s all about. The Young Readers’ Festival starts on Friday, 13th August, and the adult festival goes from 21st to 22nd August 2021. Check out the full program at https://www.mudgeereaders.com/.

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