Travel guides Hidden Gems Australia are big dreamers, with a vision to be Australia’s leading adventure travel brand.

As a homegrown travel service their main desires are two fold: to showcase Australia as a top tourist destination for Aussies, and to communicate how ‘diverse and beautiful’ Australia is to the world.

This would be a good thing to motivate potential international travellers to our shores eventually, as the nation is renowned internationally as being beautiful, but too expensive or too far to travel to for many. But Australian tourism had been on the rise before the international borders were closed, and employed approximately one billion people in the country, with the Chinese and Kiwis making up the 1.5 million visitors per year, according to World Atlas. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef were the most popular tourist hubs.

But Hidden Gems Australia want to highlight some of the other places in the nation not widely known. “We pride ourselves in sharing the destinations in Australia you won't always see in travel guides,” they said. “Showcasing beaches, gorges, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, caves, islands, forest, bush, rivers, outback and more.”

The travel service is run by Vincent and Letecia, an adventure-travel-loving couple who simply started up a travel blog in 2017, and gained a lot of growing interest. “The more we shared, the more we grew,” they said. “So we decided to turn the couple travel blog into a travel guide/service.”

They provide ideas for holiday itineraries, weekend getaways, and day trips. Letecia is the content creator, who deals with their webpage, posts and interacting with followers, and has expertise in tourism, as well as a background in aviation and finance.

Vincent is an entrepreneur, who manages the business side of things, along with the creative stuff too.

The ‘ambassadors for Australian tourism’ said they have innovative ideas, and plans to boost Australian tourism. Bold objectives given the times, but let’s note a February KPMG survey that said 72% of Aussie respondents were planning to book holidays during the second half of this year. So as domestic borders open up, there may very well be a tourism surge of local travellers looking for something different, the perfect clientele for this burgeoning travel business.

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