Sigmund Freud said, ‘being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise’- it’s so easy to put off dealing with personal issues, and keep busy with life.

Beyond Blue testimonies reveal that issues like anxiety and depression are alarmingly prevalent in Australian society. On average one in four people will suffer at some time from anxiety, according to the mental health organisation.

So, wouldn’t it be wise to take a breather, and examine how we, and others in our lives, are faring against such formidable, insidious foes?

One sufferer said anxiety felt like having a pit of nerves, and that the ‘sun on her skin didn’t mean anything.’

Feasibly fitting words for something, many find hard to describe.

Depression can be a kick to the guts also, as it can affect you mentally, and physically, plus it has its multi-faceted forms.

So to get a better understanding of both these common ailments, OneLife Church in Mudgee are holding a free workshop this Saturday.

The meeting will explore in detail what anxiety and depression are, highlighting the science behind them both. Facilitating psychologist Ian Rumsey said they are both tied together in quite a sinister way.

“There is a solid link between anxiety and depression - anxiety untreated can easily move into depression as an illness,” Ian said. “So getting a good handle on managing our mental health is a really worthwhile endeavour.”

Ian said it was very important for Mudgee locals to have the most up to date science, and medicine to treat the two-pronged killer in Australia.

“If we were talking about a broken leg, and wanted to have it healed, or had some crops that required a certain type of treatment … or had a stock animal that needed a vet to come out - we wouldn’t even think, we would just get help,” Ian said. “We need to have that same thinking when it comes to our mental health, and looking after ourselves. Our lives, and our families can sometimes depend on it.”

Discourse on overcoming the illnesses, general treatment options, and tools to move forward will be spoken about on the day.

Morning tea comfort will be sandwiched between two sessions, and the organisers hope to wrap it up with a Q&A. The workshop goes from 9-12pm, on Saturday, 26 June at the OneLife Church venue, 17 Lewis Street Mudgee.

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